Information for MAGIS users in connection with the current issue of "Windows 10 update + EET".


Dear MAGIS users,

we want to inform you that after the last update of Windows 10 to version 1803 we are monitoring the communication problems between the cashier PC and the EET portal. This problem is related to the Windows 10 update, and it is a system-level problem (TLS encryption protocol), outside of MAGIS (the problem appeared in a variety of EET applications).

The error causes the first sending of each EET message to report an error and must be repeated subsequently (which MAGIS will allow). This is not a fatal issue when the report does not go to the financial administration portal, but it may be very unpleasant. We can work around the bug described in the MAGIS libraries, but this requires a minor update of "201805-EET-DLL". Another option (temporary) is to remove the Windows 10 update and wait for a system-level problem to be resolved.

We provide our solution to our contractual customers (customers with a service agreement) in the form of a minor update of the relevant parts of MAGIS. Non-contractual customers will be offered on request based on a one-time order.

Note: The issue is TLS version 1.2 encryption protocol that runs communication between the client and EET, and which Windows 10 with the new update suppresses at the query level of the query itself.

Although this problem did not arise on our side, we apologize for any complications. However, we are ready to help you solve this problem.